The Scoop

The Scoop yard tool is an extremely versatile multi purpose clean up tool. It is an excellent "pooper scooper" but can also be used for a variety of yard clean up tasks.

The specially designed head is so efficient that it can even scoop up a penny off of the ground! You can use any standard grocery store bags or you can purchase our recycled and biodegradable bags. With each scoop the material is deposited in the cleverly attached bag....there is never a need to get close to the mess.

You can quickly and easily clean up messes from snow, long or short grass, gravel or pavement.

The Scoop comes with a convenient hinged handle for easy storage and isĀ is made of extremely durable polystyrene and will not rust or break.

Get "The Scoop"...the last scooper that you will ever need!